Instructor-Led Training

TGBLS Inc. offers a variety of face-to-face, instructor-led programs which target different areas of individual and team development. Our courses are designed with the TGBLS’ “Leader Engagement – Leader as Champion” imprint, wherein the sponsoring business leader involves and commits himself in all phases of the learning solution (pre-learning, actual, post-learning). In this manner, we visibly place the business leader at the forefront, at the center, and at the tail end of the learning process, rallying his team in each stage and is further challenged to drive sustainability of learning, long after the program ends.


Participants of our programs will benefit not only in their new or reinforced learning, but more importantly they will receive the support and will partner in the championing efforts of their business leader-sponsor. This approach serves as TGBLS’ indelible competitive advantage among other learning vendors. We believe that the cornerstone of our Instructor-Led Training is based on our chosen framework and the relevant and timely tailor-fitting of our programs to the specific needs and preferences of our customers.


TGBLS Inc. carries its main Instructor-Led program lines in the areas of Leadership and Management, Personal and Team Effectiveness, Customer Service, Training Effectiveness, Interaction Skills, and Call Center Management. We have carefully selected each program offering based on the capability and exposure of our Learning Consultant-Partners, who themselves serve as Leader-Practitioners in the past and in the present in varied industries such as in the Academe. Automotive, Business Process Outsourcing, Consulting, Information Technology, Restaurant, and Telecoms.

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