Learning Consultants’ Profile

The Green BOX Learning Solutions is comprised of a group of Human Resource (HR) professionals whose expertise is in the areas of Learning and Organizational Development (OD).

Our learning consultants are competent HR practitioners who have almost 15 years of extensive experience in Training and OD, holding various roles as business partners, project leads, managers, supervisors, specialists, and educators in organizations from different industries, such as BPO, Telecommunications, IT, Food, Automotive, and the Academe. They have received awards, recognition, and distinction for exemplary work and performance both academically and professionally.

Businesspeople Standing in Front of Window with Laptop

Their commitment to continuous learning is evidenced by having been certified in the areas of training, customer service, leadership and management, call center management and organizational development. Apart from holding bachelor degrees in communication, psychology, physics, and management, they have also obtained graduate degrees or masteral units in related fields from leading universities and colleges in the country.

Furthermore, their professional and personal relationships within the group have been strengthened through years of collaborative and supportive work on projects in the same organization they were employed in. This shared experience and mutual commitment to integrity and high standards of performance is demonstrated in their strong customer service background that supports their client-centered mentality. Each of our learning consultants is driven by their strong belief and passion for learning and excellence, clearly expressed through the services and solutions at “The Green Box.”

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