What do people remember most about you?


CST Campaign

You want your customers to feel valued, happy and satisfied when they visit, call or chat with you. What differentiates your company then from your competitors? The answer?

It is how you make them feel from the opening to the closing of your engagement.

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What is in your HEART?



The heart of any organization can be found in the kind of service it renders to its customers. We at the Green BOX Learning Solutions, can help your team translate your Customer Service Philosophy into specific job behaviors, improving both service levels and work relationships.

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More Self Care Tips – You are Worthy of Love!



bill-billboard-empty-953162Finally, here’s the 2nd installment of our Self-Care Blog! Self Care has been a buzz word for over a time now perhaps to address the more agile world we live in.  We deal with a lot of changes by the minute, one barely has the time to cope.

To help refresh your memory, the first 3 tips we shared previously, can be found in this link: https://thegreenboxlearningsolutions.com/2018/03/27/caring-for-the-self-this-international-womens-month/

Here are the next three tips which we think all of us can do to help center ourselves amidst the ever busier life we are into.

Tip # 4 Engage in a new hobby or go back to your favorite one.  

adorable-animal-art-877697.jpgWhat do you consider as your hobby? It usually is a favorite thing you spend your time and money on. I enjoy reading before, until it became book hoarding rather than reading (because I was too busy then!). I always wanted to learn photography but that means I need to invest on my own camera so I need time to save for that hobby to happen. A lot of women and men go into adult coloring now (it became and it is still is a a craze at some point!), which to me is an extension of what we love doing before when we were children.

There are so many hobbies to choose from but what is important is that you enjoy what you do and that it makes you happy! You can try exploring a new hobby or you can always go back to a favorite one — in my case its reading!

Tip # 5 Regularly care for your physical body. 

arms-care-check-905874.jpgWe only have one body so its a must that we take care of it. Make time for a regular doctor’s check-up and laboratory tests. Seek a physician when you are sick and don’t self medicate! Nothing matters when we are down with illness or if we feel weak. No one wants a health scare! Our health is our wealth as they say.

pexels-photo-374632.jpegMake time for exercise as well. It can be just a 15-minute walk, or run.  Others do Yoga, Zumba, Pilates or house chores even! Exercise need not be complicated. Choose one that you enjoy and that you can do without hurting yourself. Always consult with your doctor first which exercise would fit you best. The challenge to doing regular exercise is the will to do it. Focus and be disciplined!

Tip # 6 Commune with Mother Nature.

back-view-beautiful-bloom-906002Spending time with Nature brings a natural high and feelings of peace and contentment. Mother Nature in the form of the mountains, the sea, flowers, forest, valleys, plains (even farm and wild animals) is visually enchanting and brings home a feeling of being one with the Divine Creator.  I always look forward to road trips outside of the city so I can see and smell the trees and all things green. Doing so renews my spirit and recharges my energy.  When we surround ourselves with beautiful things, it helps us generate positive feelings. You need not go far to commune with Nature, you can appreciate your garden at home, or your flower pot inside the house. Take time to appreciate the gifts of nature and be renewed!

beautiful-close-up-color-243221Which of these tips can you do this week? We hope you find time to do your self-care activity whichever suits you.  Remember you are worthy of care and love! Watch out for the last Self Care installment blog next week!

If your team or organization is interested to have a customized Self Care Program/Workshop for your team members or employees, we can design and deliver one for you!

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Color Me Rainbow, One La Salle Animo! (LSGH HS Family Team Building Event)

Last August 11th, the LaSalle Greenhills (LSGH) High School (HS) Community demonstrated that La Salle’s color isn’t just green – but ALL the colors of the rainbow!

In a short team-building session with the theme “Color Me Rainbow,” the LSGH HS Family came together for a fun-filled afternoon of getting to know each other and working together to show their “True Colors” and how their colors and diversity complemented one another.


The event kick-started with each LSGH HS Faculty/Administrator “diving into a rainbow ocean” of various colored balloons to find their individual name-balloons.


As a testament to the spirit of faith, service, and communion that LSGH values, all 150+ participants got a hold of their balloons within a short span of 5 minutes by helping each other.


Then, individuals with same-colored balloons teamed up to create and perform an energetic chant for the whole group.



After presenting their enthusiastic cheers the color-teams regrouped with their facilitators who asked them to reflect and share personal experiences and associations related to their assigned color via their balloons.


They then came together again to prepare a creative presentation that represented their team for the entire HS group to see.



TGBLS LSGH12TGBLS LSGH089In the final wrap-up activity called “Our Rainbow Connection,” each participant displayed their personal commitments written on their balloons that were lined up next to each other to form the colors of the rainbow.


TGBLS LSGH07TGBLS LSGH10The LSGH HS Family truly showed the beauty of their individual colors and their oneness with the whole community.

Them’s the Rules @ Atlassian Philippines

Along with thousands who graduated last March, Atlassian Philippines produced its own graduates who completed the course on “Effective Written Communication” held from March 16th – 27th.

Atlassian 01


Through its partnership with The Green BOX Learning Solutions, Inc. (TGBLS), Atlassian Philippines was able to revisit their own company values to rediscover what it’s like to communicate “The Atlassian Way.”

It also looks like the Atlassians had great fun while learning through sets of activities and exercises that allowed them to build their knowledge and skills.



These also helped them gain a deeper appreciation for their fellow Atlassians and customers in other regions such as Australia, the US, and Europe by being made aware of the differences in communication styles and culture.


After going through the program, they say they now feel more comfortable and confident in using the Atlassian way of writing.


When Green meets Green

LSGH HS English Faculty Team

LSGH HS English Faculty Team

The start of the school year frenzy is on! Parents and children couldn’t get enough preparation for the long journey ahead. But they aren’t the only ones gearing up for the uphill climb. The La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) High School English Department Faculty team also had its share in getting “amped” for the school season through a team building workshop held last June 4 through a partnership with The Green Box Learning Solutions, Inc (TGBLS).



LSGH09The session focused on personal awareness as a step towards strengthening of interpersonal relationships, listening and trust-building. Team cohesiveness exercises were also facilitated highlighting the role of both the formal and the informal leader, cooperation and strategy planning.


LSGH06LSGH04Over-all, the learners displayed enthusiasm and creativity, more than enough to solidify their vision towards moving as one team, all set for the new school year ahead.

LSGH 05Thank you, LSGH HS Faculty Team! Animo La Salle!

Future Ready Leaders


For a business to thrive, it requires the full commitment of its workforce and the focused efforts of it various departments towards clear, reachable goals. With the limited resources available, the growing number of competitors offering the same products and services and the changing and growing demands of customers, shareholders and government agencies, it is difficult for a business to survive, much less grow without competent and trustworthy leadership. In today’s political economic environment, effective leadership is rare but is critically needed.

Most leaders, to be effective, utilize best practices, analyze and learn from past mistakes and make decisions and create innovations based on the careful study of patterns and trends in employee performance and customer behavior. These practices are no longer enough. In a business environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA), doing these effectively does ensure success as demonstrated by the companies Nokia, Eastman-Kodak, IBM and Xerox. There is now the need for leaders to anticipate changes, plan for these changes and manage the workforce in such a way as to maintain employee trust and engagement amidst change.


To assist a Business Partner in its efforts to enable its Leaders to be future-ready, the Green BOX Learning Solutions Team recently created and conducted LEADERSHIP TRENDS AND FUTURE ORIENTED PRACTICES, a 3-hr talk/workshop.

Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers participated in the learning activity wherein changes that are currently taking place in the global business environment and in the characteristics of the workforce were discussed. The Green BOX Team shared key findings from prominent leadership survey reports that identified leadership competencies and development strategies that are widely viewed as critical to the current and future success of organizations.

The Green Box Team also facilitated a workshop during which the participating leaders identified the present and future changes that their organization is implementing and the effects that these have on their employees and on themselves.

AIMG_1056fter assessing their own readiness to lead others successfully through and towards organizational Change, the leaders identified the support that they currently need in terms of learning and development. To provide real work context and end the workshop on an inspiring note, videos of leadership success stories in the midst of change were shown.

Participating leaders shared that, aside from increasing their awareness of leadership trends and understanding of critical competencies like employee engagement and change management, the workshop also motivated them to invest time and effort in developing themselves. The Leadership Talk also encouraged them to be more assertive in communicating to their own leaders, their need for support and development knowing that the current and future success of their organization depends on how well they lead their workforce.

Images courtesy of:  http://www.all-free-download.com/ and http://offers.hubspot.com/free-stock-photos-business

Strengthening Teams Thru Trust-Building Workshop

Steve Tamayo, Owner and President of Asia Pacific Catering Services and Restaurants Inc., walks around during events catered by his Company. He checks if the plates are clean, if the coffee’s hot and the chafing dishes warm. He feels that he owes this to their clients, to make their events memorable through excellent food and best in class service. As their Company grows, he knew that he needed his Leadership Team to share this mission and to be empowered as his partners in leading the Company forward.


When the Green BOX Learning Solutions Team met Mr. Tamayo and the Top Leaders of Asia Pacific Catering Services and Restaurants Inc, they said that they want to be a Team that values each other and the Company, that shows concern for its members (“may malasakit”), that listens and communicates openly, appreciates each other’s efforts and believes in each other’s abilities. They felt that this is the kind of Team they need to be to if they are to effectively implement the organizational changes that growth demands and to respond to employees’ need for direction and confidence under the stress that is sure to come with growth and development.

The Team

To begin addressing these issues, Green BOX designed and facilitated a Trust Building Workshop participated in by all of the Company’s managers. In one and a half days, the participants established a common understanding of what trust is; they identified, described and agreed on behaviors that will build trust; practiced these behaviors and planned and committed to a course of action that will maintain and grow trust within the Leadership Team. The Company’s top leaders were present during the entire workshop, listening, participating in the activities and sharing their insights along with the heads of the different departments (Kitchen, Warehouse, Accounting, Sales and marketing, Corporate Office and Admin, Purchasing).

Action Planning_Albert's Group

During the activities, the participants worked together in getting tasks done; they got to know each other’s working styles, values and needs and they collaborated on working principles that will be included in their Team’s norms. Green BOX facilitated the processing that came after each activity when participants reflected on how they worked together, identified strengths and areas for improvement and formulated individual and team commitment statements that can increase trust, openness and eventually, effectiveness as a Team. At the end of the workshop, the Team was able to agree on and commit to an action plan and a list of five trust building behaviors that they will practice and monitor.

Outdoor Sharing

Trust Walk

As with all Team Interventions, sustaining the effectiveness of the workshop depends on how well changes in attitude and behavior are practiced and supported when the team members are back in the workplace. As part of its consulting process, Green BOX provided complete documentation of the workshop, recommendations for follow through activities as well as tools and references. Knowing how committed and driven the Leaders of Tamayo’s Catering are, the confidence in this Leadership Team’s success is high.


You’ve got a Green Box Mail!

Filipinos are known for their warmth and hospitality. This should make Customer Service a cinch but how can the caring and concerned attitude be shown through non-face-to-face interactions with internal and external customers? Communications provider, PhilCom wanted their Sales employees to demonstrate customer orientation and effective service even through e-mail and The Green BOX Learning Solutions Team was there to assist them as designer and facilitator of “EFFECTIVE SALES COMMUNICATION TRAINING.”

Sales Comm 01

Using a simple but powerful model of Message, Medium and Measures, the PhilCom Sales Team analyzed real life e-mail. By comparing their responses against standards and principles, they were able to identify points for improvement and rewrite clearer, more professional and customer pleasing email communication. The learning experience was rounded out with the module on Artful Listening where they gained a new, learning-oriented approach to this most important but commonly underrated and badly-practiced skill.

Sales Comm 02

At the end of the training, PhilCom Sales Professionals went through a practical skill assessment and wrote his/her own responses to actual customer inquiries. By applying the guidelines they learned, the PhilCom Sales Team ensured that they can seamlessly transfer their experiences and skill they gained to the workplace. In the end, the customers and the business win again.

Strategic Planning helps ensure an “All Systems Go for 2014”!

Wishing everyone a happy and productive 2014!

Most organizations have engaged in their strategic planning session as early as the 3rd or 4th quarter of last year to ensure a smooth transition of their business initiatives ending in 2013 to the next. One client we know which started early in their planning process is Philippine Global Communications, Inc. (Philcom).

Philippine Global Communications, Inc. (Philcom) is a leading telecom company founded by RCA (Radio Corporation of America) in 1924.  Now, more than 80 years later, the Company is still enabling Clients to harness the power and convenience of the internet to manage their businesses and serve their customers.

Strat Plan Collage

By September of last year, Philcom’s goals as a company have been defined and the targets have been set for 2014.  To succeed in reaching these goals, the Company needed to align the efforts of all its Departments within the entire organization.           Enabling them was The Green Box Learning Solutions Team who facilitated a workshop for Philcom’s Top Leaders to transform their strategic goals into concrete business plans that will help them guide, monitor and measure the success of their respective departments’ actions throughout the year.

What is Strategic Planning? 

Strategic Planning is the process of clarifying the overall purpose and defining the desired outcomes of an organization. It includes establishing realistic goals and objectives aligned with that purpose and formulating long term strategies for reaching these goals.

Why Strategic Planning?

A company’s resources (money, people, time, materials and equipment, technology, etc.) are limited and the organization itself is composed of units and sub-units whose efforts are specific and specialized.  The Strategic Plan ensures that all these efforts are coordinated to achieve the overall objectives given the resources available.

Strat Plan Collage 2

How Now? 

TGBLS guided Philcom’s Top Leaders as they assessed their departments’  internal and external environments and capacities.  In teams, guided by their strategic direction for 2014, Philcom Leaders formulated their departmental strategies alongside with identifying areas of support which they will require from other groups. Philcom started right when it decided to engage in a strategic planning workshop with The Green Box Learning Solutions Team. There is no doubt that it’s going to be an all systems go for Philcom this 2014!

You too can start right alongside your team and your entire organization. For your Strategic Planning requirements, call us at +632 986 4226 today or send us an email at inquiry@thegreenboxlearningsolutions.com. With The Green Box Learning Solutions, we help build organizational excellence.