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The Green BOX Learning Solutions, Inc. (TGBLS) aims to help you and your organization succeed  through genuine and consultative partnership with a skilled Team of Work Place Learning and Performance Professionals.

profile picOUR VISION

We help BUILD ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE by being the Learning and OD Solutions partner of choice.


We help our Clients achieve business results by providing Learning and OD solutions which foster end-to-end Leader Engagement, Leader-as-Champion Approach.


We find fulfillment and take pride in what we do
We live up to our commitments
We achieve our goals through synergy
We engage in continuous learning
We pursue sustainable and profitable growth


In the Green Box Learning Solutions, Inc., we place our business leaders in the heart of our service.  We offer a unique “Green BOX experience” as we guarantee that no two experiences are the same.

We offer customized products and services targeted to meet our customers’ specific needs and preferences. Our main offerings include Instructor-Led training, e- learning, Organizational Development, Consulting services. We envision our business leaders to effectively model and influence continuous learning among their teams to efficiently respond to changing market needs.

TGBLS Framework Draft 5In support of this outlook, The Green Box Learning Solutions framework was created. The “Leader Engagement- Leader as Champion” approach requires that our business leaders engage themselves actively in two specific roles: one, as a participant or recipient of the learning solution and second, as sponsors and champions of the intervention. Championing the intervention will entail an end to end involvement of the business leader in all phases of the intervention (pre-learning,actual, and post learning). This solid foundation is an all-important and binding component of any solution that we will provide to our partner clients.

With our combined expertise and our customers’ commitment we direct our partner clients in the achievement of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, sustainability of learning that will lead further to building organizational excellence.


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Passion and Compassion

TGBLS joins the world in celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day!

As HR practitioners and Learning & Development professionals, we at The Green BOX Learning Solutions not only have passion for growing and harnessing the potential of our human resource.  We also value and have compassion for another important type of natural resource – our wildlife.

TigerPhoto by David Hinchliffe

Sadly in this day and age, this type of resource is rapidly decreasing mainly due to the activities of “human” resources.  When people cut and burn trees on a massive scale, we consequently deprive wildlife living in forests and jungles of their natural habitats.  When people improperly dispose of non-biodegradable materials in rivers and oceans, marine life suffers the consequences.  When people use animal parts for traditional medicine, clothes and accessories, lucky charms, status symbols, or trophies, hunting and poaching wildlife for this purpose leads to whole species of life becoming endangered or extinct.

429439101_c0ad3626fc_oPhoto by Brian Snelson

We may think that we are not one of those “human” resources that are involved in bringing about the demise of wildlife. After all, we don’t directly cut trees, nor do we dump toxic waste in the ocean.  It’s also unlikely that we are involved in poaching activities or in illegal wildlife trade.  And so we tell ourselves that we’re not part of the problem at all and that the responsibility of conserving and protecting wildlife falls on the shoulders of government and non-government agencies instead.  And why should we care in the first place?  Some of us may say we’re not really animal lovers nor are we wildlife advocates.  Some of us may say we prefer to focus our energies on improving the human species instead.  Let those who love animals do the heavy lifting in conservation efforts.

4405408010_7a698cf9f0_oPhoto by Rennet Stowe

However, this way of thinking is just as damaging as the actual problem.  If we don’t take responsibility for the actions of humanity against wildlife and continue to think it’s someone else’s problem and not ours, then we’ll never be part of the solution.  And we all have a stake in the solution.  UN studies show how even animal agriculture contributes greatly to global warming and thus to climate change, which impacts everyone and everything in the world.  Ensuring healthy populations of wildlife helps maintain ecological balance needed to sustain all life – including humans – while contributing as well to biodiversity. We may be the dominant species on this planet but we are interdependent with all the other species of life on earth.  We need them just as much as they need us.  We cannot survive without each other.

3411605644_1b1b0e59a8_oPhoto by jumblejet

Today as we celebrate World Wildlife Conservation Day, we recognize those human resources who have both the passion and compassion for this precious and much-exploited natural resource.  One need not be at the forefront of the battle for conservation, but at the very least we can spread awareness on the plight of wildlife.

Forest PondPhoto by Jakob Lawitzki

As world leaders meet in Paris to discuss climate change this week and the next, there is hope for all species to continue to flourish. Human progress and development need not occur at the cost of endangering wildlife and nature.  Let us all do our part however direct or indirect in saving all species on our planet, and in turn save ourselves.

This article is wriiten by Ms. Katrina Llona – a Learning Consultant in The Green BOX Learning Solutions, Inc. and a Wildlife Advocate. 

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