Future Ready Leaders


For a business to thrive, it requires the full commitment of its workforce and the focused efforts of it various departments towards clear, reachable goals. With the limited resources available, the growing number of competitors offering the same products and services and the changing and growing demands of customers, shareholders and government agencies, it is difficult for a business to survive, much less grow without competent and trustworthy leadership. In today’s political economic environment, effective leadership is rare but is critically needed.

Most leaders, to be effective, utilize best practices, analyze and learn from past mistakes and make decisions and create innovations based on the careful study of patterns and trends in employee performance and customer behavior. These practices are no longer enough. In a business environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA), doing these effectively does ensure success as demonstrated by the companies Nokia, Eastman-Kodak, IBM and Xerox. There is now the need for leaders to anticipate changes, plan for these changes and manage the workforce in such a way as to maintain employee trust and engagement amidst change.


To assist a Business Partner in its efforts to enable its Leaders to be future-ready, the Green BOX Learning Solutions Team recently created and conducted LEADERSHIP TRENDS AND FUTURE ORIENTED PRACTICES, a 3-hr talk/workshop.

Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers participated in the learning activity wherein changes that are currently taking place in the global business environment and in the characteristics of the workforce were discussed. The Green BOX Team shared key findings from prominent leadership survey reports that identified leadership competencies and development strategies that are widely viewed as critical to the current and future success of organizations.

The Green Box Team also facilitated a workshop during which the participating leaders identified the present and future changes that their organization is implementing and the effects that these have on their employees and on themselves.

AIMG_1056fter assessing their own readiness to lead others successfully through and towards organizational Change, the leaders identified the support that they currently need in terms of learning and development. To provide real work context and end the workshop on an inspiring note, videos of leadership success stories in the midst of change were shown.

Participating leaders shared that, aside from increasing their awareness of leadership trends and understanding of critical competencies like employee engagement and change management, the workshop also motivated them to invest time and effort in developing themselves. The Leadership Talk also encouraged them to be more assertive in communicating to their own leaders, their need for support and development knowing that the current and future success of their organization depends on how well they lead their workforce.

Images courtesy of:  http://www.all-free-download.com/ and http://offers.hubspot.com/free-stock-photos-business

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